3 Important Resume Tips for Career Changers


IMG_2666You’ve been slogging your guts out in your current industry for some time now, but after another case of Monday-itis you decide you’re over it! You want to do something more exciting, something that you really care about…

But how do you break into an industry that you have little or no experience in? Well, if you’re passionate about this change of field, there’s a good chance you’ve had some exposure to it already.

If you’re thinking of changing careers, consider these 3 important tips to create a standout resume:

1.  Change your resume format

Create a combination resume in place of the traditionally favoured chronological resume. A combination resume format can work in your favour if you’re changing careers. It focuses on your transferrable skills and achievements instead of your employment history and job responsibilities.

I still prefer to include employment dates on a combination resume, mainly because I remember how much I HATED receiving resumes without them during my time in recruitment! I also think it looks unprofessional; like you’re hiding something.

But if you’re going to include previous dates and roles on your combination resume, you’ll need to get creative and work harder to sell yourself. It’s even more important that your resume highlights the skills that you have, rather than the skills that you’re lacking, which brings me to my next point…

2.  Market your transferrable skills

Talk up any relevant volunteering experience you have. If you’re not already actively involved in your new industry outside of your full time job, now might be a good time to start!

Draw attention to your interests and hobbies that may increase your visibility in the industry. e.g. If you’re a lawyer that wants to become a dive instructor, then shout about your passion for the ocean and be sure to mention that you hold your open water dive ticket, as well as the hours you have spent diving for personal development.

On the first page of your resume add in a skills section that emphasises the skills you possess that will be useful to this new industry. e.g. As a lawyer, you will have helped people/companies to achieve results, which directly translates to teaching people to dive.

Emphasise any transferrable achievements under your employment history. Rather than including irrelevant jargon and job responsibilities, you could include a brief summary of each of your previous roles with 2 or 3 relevant key achievements. Once again, this is a chance to highlight the skills you can bring to the industry and you will also ensure your resume is sharp and concise rather than 8 pages long!

3.  Write a compelling cover letter

Show the reader why you are better than all those candidates with loads more experience! Now’s your time to really shine. Show some personality and scream about the passion you have for the industry, and the fresh new perspective that you will bring!

Lisa Andrews is the Chief Blogger, Resume Writer and Founder of Juicy Resumes. Based in Brisbane, she is passionate about assisting others to achieve their career aspirations and has a LOVE of writing. With a solid recruitment background in Australia and New Zealand, Lisa understands what it takes to ensure you stand out in the employment industry.


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