4 Reasons to Exclude a Photo on your Resume

Surely adding that fab Facebook profile pic (the one that got 52 “likes”) would benefit your resume, right? Not necessarily. Even though I stand by the fact that resumes are incredibly subjective and prefer to offer advice rather than list a bunch of resume do’s and don’ts, there are some things that are best left off your resume.

1.  It may be used to discriminate

You run the risk of being judged unfairly by your appearance. Whether you’re hot or not photos conjure up all sorts of discriminatory thoughts depending on who is viewing your resume.

Interestingly enough, the exact opposite can be said for social networking sites like LinkedIn, where analysts say those who include a professional looking photo are 7 times more likely to have their profile viewed.

But doesn’t that contradict my advice to leave a photo off your resume? Absolutely not.

The difference is that Linkedin is a networking site (not everyone is looking for a job) whereas your resume is specifically marketing your skills, experience and abilities for an employment opportunity. That said, make sure you get your LinkedIn profile photo right. Show some personality, but keep it classy. You and your partner taking a drunken selfie is NOT professional and neither is that scantily clad photo of you at the beach.

2.  You may end up on a recruiter’s “Wall of Fame”

I once worked with a recruitment consultant who dedicated an entire wall beside her desk to weird and terrible photos on resumes. True story!

3.  Recruiters send photos of candidates around the office for a laugh 

Scanning hundreds of resumes can be monotonous, so recruiters sometimes need something to brighten their day. It’s always best to highlight your skills and experience, not your cheekbones.

4.  Photos can clog up Applicant Tracking Systems that some companies use

This means your resume may not even get to an actual person for review. What a waste of a job application!

So remember these points when updating your resume and you’ll be sure to stay off that recruitment “Wall of Fame”.

Lisa Andrews is the Chief Blogger, Resume Writer and Founder of Juicy Resumes. She is passionate about assisting others to achieve their career aspirations and has a LOVE of writing. With her solid recruitment background in Australia and New Zealand, Lisa understands what it takes to ensure you stand out in the employment industry.

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