Is Your Resume Tired?

Yawn! That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately, so I decided to spice up my daily routine with some Vinyasa (energy yoga) at home. Since life is busy and I don’t always make it along to my favourite yoga class down the road,  I decided it was important to get cracking with some yoga moves at home that energise rather than relax me!

So if you’re yawning while reading through your dusty old resume, then it’s time to “Vinyasa” it! Here’s how:

Clear, concise and compelling

I don’t know about you, but if I begin watching a movie or reading a book, I usually give it a miss if I’m not feeling intrigued or excited within the first 5 mins… Well, you don’t even get that long to hook someone with your resume – in fact it’s more like 5 – 7 SECONDS! Eek! Your achievements and other information should draw the reader in, rather than have them yawning and slumped over their desk.

Make it a LITTLE BIT pretty…

And by that I simply mean that it should be visually appealing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a flashy design (unless that’s a pre-requisite for the type of role you are seeking) but it should be pleasing to the eye. Perhaps leave a bit of white space and stick to the same font throughout rather than 5 different ones. If you want to use some colour in the headings, that’s fine too, but remember it’s your experience and achievements that are most important, not the colour of your writing!

Just the highlights

Unless that “Internet Basics” course is going to add immense value to your next job application then banish it from your resume. Same goes for positions that were 10 or more years ago. Generally, a brief paragraph outlining your key outcomes is all that’s required.

Is it relevant to the job?

Ideally, everything in your resume should show the reader how you will benefit them or their company. It’s great if you can ride horses really well, but unless you’re planning on doing something horse or animal related, then you can probably leave this info off.

Check it

Proofread it 3 times over. Spellcheck is your friend, but if you really can’t write well and “grammar” is a foreign word to you, then get someone else to write and / or proofread it instead.

If you have any questions regarding your current resume, then please contact us so we can provide some feedback on whether your CV / resume needs a wee bit of energising!







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